EMB by Tobin Yelland tee


An iconic picture shot by Tobin Yelland at EMB, featuring Mike Carroll in the foreground and Aaron Meza filming Chico Brenes in the backround. This was also was the cover of the FTC book.

Photographer and Filmmaker Tobin Yelland started taking pictures at age 15. He photographed what he saw around him, in his daily life, his friends and their adventures as skateboarders. His work features day-to-day experiences of different subjects, through humor and rawness, with youthful invincibility. Tobin’s work has expanded beyond the world of skateboarding to become a collection of images that lend a voice to an entire generation, transcending locales and social identities., Weather shooting stills or making films, Tobin continues to capture powerful images of culturally important moments through his lens. Tobin lives with his family in Los Angeles.



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